Wednesday, August 6, 2008

~the NEW /IMPROVED beanbag =) ~

today....a fellow tweeter'er offered to send stuff related to what is Big in Japan ( Sumo Omnis ) if I would post information on my blog.

On his site he describes the Omni as:

This super-sized pillow by Sumo is the ultimate solution for all your relaxing needs. We’ve come up with 10 ways to use it, but some people say we lack imagination! It’s a crash mat, lounge chair, loveseat or floor pillow to name a few, but the possibilities really do go on. Sumo Beanbags are made from space age rip-proof nylon and come filled with top quality Sumo Beads. Omni is 4.5′ x 5.5′ and it only weighs 18 lbs!

& has some really cute pictures of people sitting in these new types of beanbags.....
(if i had the money.....i think i would prolly buy one.... =)

anywho....go on over & check them out!...purchase one for your college student for the dorm...your kids for their room....or for yourself to plop down into after a long day at the office =)


Sunday, August 3, 2008

~8 of 100~ scooter, b4 she jumped up to give me a kiss~

~8 of my 100 dog strangers to meet & make friends w/ =) ~
this is scooter...
her bro is harley...
they are jack russells & still babies...

their petparent is wonderful too.... =)

wanna know something funny about the puppypark?

i know people by their dogs..
& know the dogs names much better than i do their parents.... to bed.....tmrw is another day....